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Back in 2003, I enjoyed participating in the Distributed Proofreaders project (in which many volunteers share the task of proofreading an e-book before it goes to Project Gutenberg). In a conversation on one of the DP forums, someone remarked that there were no books in PG by Sir Isaac Newton. Being interested in satellites, and knowing what a revered work Newton's Philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica (the "Principia") is, I decided to look further into this work, to evaluate what needs to be done to turn it into a PG e-book.

The first task was acquiring the text. Very quickly I discovered that there have been many published versions of Principia; some copyrighted, some partial, and some (which might be suitable for digitizing) public domain and complete. This page summarizes what I found in my search to choose the one most suitable for a PG e-book. The Chittenden text seemed best suited to this. I obtained the 1995 Prometheus printing (paperback) which has most of the sections from Chittenden and is still available; I also obtained a copy of Chittenden itself through inter-library loan.

Update, September 2009: Someone inquired whether I ever completed an e-book. The answer is no: I did scan the text (and still have the images), but just as I was about to start a PGDP project, I found someone else who claimed he was nearly finished with a proofread e-book. Rather than duplicate his work, I stopped at that point. However, Project Gutenberg still does not have an English-translation Principia e-book as of this date, so I don't know if he ever published it. See below for an online site where you can view the Chittenden text (as images).

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