Still "Brent's pile o' stuff" but at least now there are sections.

Autobiography of Brent John Nordquist

[Someday I will begin the process of writing a real autobiography; until then, this brief one will have to suffice.]

[You can also visit the web site for our family tree.]

I was born in the city of Santa Barbara, California ("the most overpriced housing market in the nation" according to the July 2006 Local Market Monitor survey) where my parents taught at Westmont College. We lived for 5 years in Upland, Indiana where my parents taught at Taylor University, and then moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota. I attended Mounds View High School and graduated from Bethel College (now Bethel University) in 1989. I was also in AFROTC at the University of St. Thomas.

In December 1988, I married Elizabeth (Beth) Ann Hamlin and we started our life together.

After a summer of training in humid Biloxi, Mississippi, I was stationed in Colorado Springs, Colorado at Peterson AFB as part of Air Force Space Command. After three years I left the Air Force, returned to the Twin Cities in Minnesota, and have worked at:

We have four children: Doug, Erika, Miriam, and Ruth. Erika is married and now we have two grandchildren, Eva and Titus!

My contact information, brief autobiography (such as it is), and family tree.

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