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Ruben Bolling is the creator of the "Tom the Dancing Bug" webcomic. One of the best is titled "Flowers for Trinitron," which contains an eminently quotable exclamation. Sadly the comic doesn't come up at all when you Google that phrase! This is a surprising fail for Google. So I will do my part to remedy this situation; maybe Google will make the connection by spidering this page. (My tweet about this.)

Farewell forever, purveyor of inanity! — Tom the Dancing Bug, "Flowers for Trinitron"

"The contact lens of Sauron" — apparently this gag was done on a "Family Guy" episode. I first heard the joke when reading these two comments on this Schneier Blog page on border security:

So, will Boeing's "Eye O' Sauron" system designed for the Mexican border fail for the same reasons? — Sean
@Sean: No... as long as he's got his contact lens in, we're okay. — Anonymous

"Thanks, but snow thanks" — this sums up my feelings about further further frozen precipitation this year.

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